The evaluation of your pet is to determine the drives and characteristics of your dog. The evaluation is also to determine if there are any behavioral issues present. This is so I can develop a plan for you and your pet. I want you and your pet to be successful 

Training session home visit 


I come to your location and run the training session.

Board and Train

Board and train depends on what the dog needs as far as training. Covers training, food, toys, equipment needed for training. You keep the new leash and collar and training device. 

Training session my location

You come to my location to train 

Puppy Program 

A comprehensive detailed program for your puppy to cover every range of training a young puppy needs. To give you a completely stable confident and obedient dog. There are seven classes after the program is complete. We train you to train your dog. ASK for more details... 12 week long program. 


Boarding includes food, lodging, activities, play dates, some basic training. 

Behavioral Modifications

Biting, separation anxiety, bathroom issues, chewing, escaping, pulling on leash, excessive barking, animal aggression, reactivity, fear, human aggression, high energy. We can help with almost every behavioral issue. Price depends on the issue and the severity of it. 

Civil Sport Dog 

The Civil Personal Protection Dog is referred to as a dog owned by a civilian, which is trained to protect his owner by using his training to stop a physical attack upon his owner. A personal protection dog protects as a direct result from his training. These dogs are trained to be friendly toward non-threatening individuals, and react in a reliably protective manner when an individual displays violent or aggressive behavior. 

Bark and Hold Sport dog

Pricey Vary inquire for more details
The Bark And Hold Protection Dog is basically the same as a personal protection dog but without a bite. These dogs will hold a person in place by corning them or knocking them down and standing on them while barking in a monotone bark (one bark right after the other). They are trained to never bite in any situation.

Service dog

Prices vary inquire for more details
Allergy Detection Dogs
Autism Service Dogs. 
Diabetic Alert Dogs. 
Guide Dogs. 
Hearing Dogs.
Mobility Assistance Dogs.
Psychiatric Service Dogs
Seizure Alert Dogs